have you ever known somebody so shitty they completely ruin that first name for you?

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Super Smash Bros. for 3DS - Character Unlock Criteria


Ness: Play 700 VS matches or play for 20 hours total.

Falco: Complete Event Match 52.

Wario: Mail Nintendo your NNID along with your nudes.

Dark Pit: Spend a total of 666 hours holding onto an edge.

Dr. Mario: Defeat crazy hand while holding your 3DS upside down.

Lucina: Spread hummus…


Halfway through this one I decided I didn’t know how to draw so it’s all kindsa static crap but ah well
2 NA Smash Codes Giveaway/Contest Post


I’ve got 2 North America Smash Bros. 3DS codes just kickin around and I want to give them out! There will be 2 different ways to enter for this, one for each code.

The first code is just a straight up reblog to enter! Randomly chosen winner. You know the drill.

The second one is a little more…

it is i, maga man


skinny ppl b like ‘but some skinny ppl cant help being skinny );’ 


did u ever consider???

that some FAT ppl

actually a LOT of fat ppl

cannot help being fat either??

and we get beaten up by thinner kids when we’re young and told to kill ourselves and constantly referred to as everything but human regardless of our age because we cant help it???

which is significantly worse than someone saying ‘fuck them skinny bitches’ twice in a single song

please shut up

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Well shit, a lot of people want that code.  I think the only fair thing to do is hold a drawing for it.  
You can enter twice, one reblog and one like.  Drawing will end at midnight, PST.

Hue now my messages are locking up

Thanks, tumblr


Sorry Roy fans but it looks like Roy got included instead of Roy.

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